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Job Search and Career Search Articles

Our Job Search & Career Search articles will include highlights from our Career Solutions Manual which is used for our Career Consulting Service.

3 Questions to Prepare for a Better Job Search

Preparing for a Job Search is easier by answering these 3 simple questions!

Career Path Planning How-to Video

Quick and easy FREE online resources to take control of your career

Frustrated by job-hopping and lack of advancement? Use these tips to gain FOCUS for a better career.

How to access a FREE career test with quick & easy career research tips. Results are “Holland Codes” used in career counseling to better understand your interests.

So you haven’t heard back after an online application? Here’s why…

How Recruiters See Your Resume

Which part of your resume recruiters look at, how long they look, why they look at it, and what they don’t look at…

Employers Now Requiring SAT scores

Even worse than credit checks—employers now asking for standardized testing scores—FROM DECADES AGO

How changing your mood can improve your professional (and personal) life

Why you should err on the side of caution

Interviews are now longer—with more interviews per position.