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Benefits of Premarital Counseling

Of the many instances in which an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—Premarital counseling is one of the BEST examples. Instead of fixing problems, they can be avoided. When the proactive power of premarital counseling at CrossRoads is used, couples can benefit in many ways.

  • FREE testing: The Director of CrossRoads and staff have created two psychological tests that are exclusive to our practice. There is no additional charge for the tests as they’re part of our counseling service.
  • SAVE money: Premarital counseling is not only an excellent investment in your future—it takes fewer sessions to establish a solid foundation for marriage than it would take if the roots of these problems are allowed to flourish. Accident avoidance is far wiser than damage control!
  • Avoid problems: Since marriage counselors know the common reasons couples face problems and are skilled at noticing warning signs you may have overlooked, we can help you address and avoid issues you might not have considered.
  • Create positive patterns of communication/Conflict resolution: In any relationship, conflict is inevitable. In Premarital counseling, you’ll learn how to communicate and handle conflict in a positive, productive way which can strengthen your relationship.
  • Establish and understand healthy boundaries: Learning your own boundaries, your partner’s boundaries, and how not to cross those boundaries prevents a violation of those boundaries.
  • Discuss expectations: Expecting someone else to fulfill your undefined and unspoken expectations…that doesn’t sound rational, does it? But couples do this ALL THE TIME! Establishing realistic expectations and discussing expectations prevents the disappointment and resentment that creates emotional distance.

In the interest of brevity, these are just a few of the benefits of premarital counseling. If you are in the Central Indiana, Indianapolis area, contact CrossRoads for premarital counseling at 317-842-8881.