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Dr. Ted Bitner

Dr. Bitner’s main areas of focus are grief, loss, end-of-life, life changes, co-dependency, and communication issues.

Although he practices Psychology at DePauw, he practices life coaching at CrossRoads. His focus is on helping clients enhance their lives. He is a certified life coach through Transformation Academy. His certifications are focused on Cognitive Behavioral Life Coaching and Mindset Life Coaching.

After years of service as a hospital chaplain and as a therapist helping clients work through loss and change, Dr. Bitner has guided clients through difficult times. He often works with families as they cope with a loved one’s prolonged illness and care decisions including hospice care.

As the pandemic has uprooted lives and lifestyles, Dr. Bitner has helped clients make meaning of loss and adapt to a variety of changes including a new lack of stability, a change in identity, and “the new normal.”

Dr. Bitner notes that grief can impact us in many ways and is not always due to the loss of a loved one. The 12 stages apply to many situations, and he helps clients handle adapting and accepting change.

Life changes, challenges, and coping skills have been a point of constant focus since he chose the study of psychology after reading Ethics by Spinoza. Helping clients understand why they make the choices they make, changing their lives and “rewriting their stories” with a realistic, objective perspective are among his specialties.

Selected career highlights: Publications and Presentations

  • “Psychological and Ethical Implications of EOL Issues: Are they the same?” Presentation to the NEHM National Health Conference, Spring, 2012. (Accepted)
  • “Ethical Considerations for the Counseling of Patients and Families in Grief” Presentation to St John’s Health System, Anderson, IN, Fall, 2010
  • “Holiday Depression: What can be done?” Presentation to NE Indiana Psychological Association, Fall, 2001
  • “Validation and Reliability Study on Psychological Aspects of Teacher Behavior” Presentation to the Mid-West Research Association, Chicago, Fall 1999
  • “A Read Aloud Program for At-Risk Kindergarten Children and their Parents. (With Susan Foster)” Indiana Reading Journal, 30,3,50-55. Summer, 1998
  • “Psychological Considerations for Teachers of Incarcerated Students” Presentation to Indiana Department of Corrections, Fall, 1995
  • “Validity and Reliability Measures for a Student Teacher Evaluation Instrument” The Teacher Educator, 27,1,Summer, 1991
  • “Incorporating Administrative Theory in the Supervision of Student Teachers” ERIC Documents, 1983

For additional information about Dr. Bitner, see his faculty page at DePauw University here: https://www.depauw.edu/academics/departments-programs/psychology/research/faculty/bitner/

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