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Our Counseling and Mental Health Articles focus on popular counseling topics including Marriage and Family, Co-Dependency, Boundaries, Affairs and more.

A married couple holding hands

The best way to achieve positive, permanent results in healing and rebuilding your marriage from an affair is to avoid making these mistakes!

Becoming aware of your choices and developing mindfulness can help you manage your anger.

How to get motivated and stay motivated in counseling and therapy. Knowing your goals and role in treatment helps you get results!

How to get faster results; reaching your goals in counseling as quickly as possible

How Premarital Counseling helps you prepare for a stable and lasting marriage.

You can better prepare to make the most of your counseling by understanding what counseling is.

Enforcing Boundaries: Effective ways to assert yourself and remain consistent with your boundaries. Self-respect & recognizing healthy relationships.

Setting Boundaries with examples—Step #2 for boundaries for better relationships.

Protect yourself from hurt feelings and develop better relationships using boundaries with these steps.

If holiday shopping is making your holiday stressful, here are some helpful hints to change for a more peaceful holiday season.