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Career Research: Discovering Your Career Interests

The video in this post will show you how to use a free research tool to provide valuable insights at any point in the career search. So if you’re a high school student planning for college or searching for clarity while planning your next career move, this research tool can help you at any step of the way.

With all of the steps involved in a successful career search—writing a winning résumé, networking, and interviews, to name a few, it’s essential to make sure each step brings you closer to your goal.  

Why are Career Interests So Important?

When you do not base your career path on your interests, not only is it harder to prove you are a good match in an interview, working in a career that is a bad match can lead to high stress or low job satisfaction.

When your career path matches your interests, your enthusiasm will help you prove you are the best candidate for job interviews. Your motivation can help you overcome challenges for high job satisfaction and high performance for career advancement.

Is this a FREE Career Test?

Short answer: Yes, but it’s so much more!

You might be wondering, “Why is this called an Interest Profiler? I wanted a free career test.”

The creators of the Interest Profiler don’t call it a career “test” because there are no wrong answers.

The interest profile and reports this video shows you how to access and use can help you discover possibilities you haven’t considered or confirm how well your career path matches your interests. You can also prioritize information for your résumé and help you put your best foot forward for networking, interviews, and gaining promotions based on the information you’ll receive on the reports.

Video and Instructions

The video “Career Research: Discovering Your Career Interests” by Ready2Research, is a project from the main content creator at CrossRoadsINDY.

The video starts at My Next Move and shows you how to complete the O*Net Interest Profiler, save the results, filter the results, and link to job description reports. The main sections of each report and how these sections can help you determine a match between your interests and the duties and necessary skills of the job are explained.

Instruction Steps, Links, and Resources

The first link in the video is My Next Move, which you can visit directly from this link:  https://www.mynextmove.org/.

Clicking “Start” from the main screen will open the Interest Profiler. Don’t forget to save your scores.

You can also visit the profiler directly with this link: https://www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip. You can use the same link to return with your scores. By clicking “Enter Scores,” you can get back to your results without needing to complete the interest profile again.

To go directly to O*Net (The Occupational Information Network), visit https://www.onetonline.org/.

Both the My Next Move and O*Net reports link to CareerOneStop for additional salary information and job postings. You can also visit the site directly from this link: https://www.careeronestop.org/

Additional detail on this Venn Diagram, which explores the relationship between your interests, talents, and compensation, can be found on our blog post and video: “The Difference Between a Job and a Career—Career Search Focus”  https://crossroadsindy.com/career-search-blog/difference-job-career-career-search-focus-tips.

Additional Tips and Tricks to Use the Results

The Interest Profiler and reports from My Next Move link to the more detailed O*Net reports are great starting points for career research. Once you feel your target position/career path is a good match for your career interests, you’re ready for additional research.

Networking, research interviews, and joining organizations in your chosen industry are additional ways to research and advance your career. By doing your share of the research, you can be sure you’re not wasting the time of people who you contact for help.

Reading Job Postings

Checking job descriptions from online job postings can give you additional insights into more specific demands by area, company, or industry. For example, a supervisor or manager in retail will have different job duties than a similar position in an office setting.

Networking and Research Interviews

The information you can discover through your research is just the tip of the iceberg. You might overlook or fail to look for information that you never considered. When you meet experts in the field you wish to enter, they can share the tips and tricks that helped them succeed. You’ll never know if they know of a shortcut to success you never considered until you ask for help!

Joining Organizations in Your Industry

Joining an organization specific to your chosen industry will immerse you into the ideal environment to expand your network and get to know decision-makers in the industry. Instead of just meeting one or two people in your chosen field, you can rub elbows with experts in the field to learn their perspectives and paths to success.

Expert Help

Now that you have a winning research tool to discover your career interests, you’re on your way to building your knowledge. At CrossRoadsINDY, we believe in sharing free resources so that your career success is as cost-effective as possible. Call 317-842-8881 today for expert help to plan a career path that matches your interests and talents for the right level of compensation.