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How to use My Next Move: a FREE Resource to Focus Your Career Search

If you’re certain of the Occupation Title, Type, or Industry to select for your Job Search/Career Search, find greater detail on the position at O*NET at http://www.onetonline.org/. Click here for instructions to use O*NET.

O*NET has created My Next Move to help people in a career transition and students who have not yet selected a career path. This FREE tool is easy to use and provides guidance to help focus career aspirations. The website can be accessed by this link: http://www.mynextmove.org/

Selections on My Next Move are “I want to be a…” which is a keyword search, and “I’ll know it when I see it” which is a way to browse by industries. Perhaps the easiest option of all is “I’m not really sure.” For this section, click the Start button to complete a short test. The results show a prioritized list of career titles with your best fit at the top of the list. Careers that have a Bright Outlook can be found on the Career Outlook list. A Bright Outlook means careers with that title are growing—hiring is increasing and hiring is expected to continue at an increased rate. Other criteria are shown in the results chart as well.

When selecting a career, you will be taken to a screen that shows a summary of the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Education necessary for the position. The summary will also show what Personality Traits are an ideal fit for the position, what Technology you will use on the job, and Related Careers are listed in a segment marked Explore More. Average wages are listed in the Job Outlook section which includes Career Outlook. This summary shows much of the same information as an O*NET profile for the same positions, but are presented in a condensed format. This may be useful for comparing and contrasting several different career paths, but when you’re serious about researching a specific position, the best information can be found on O*NET. A link to the O*NET listing will be at the bottom of the page’s summary.

For additional assistance with your Job Search/Career Search, call CrossRoads at 317-842-8881 to make an appointment if you live in the Central Indiana area.