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Get FASTER RESULTS in Counseling through Consistency in Appointments

Consistency brings faster results, AND it’s cost-effective!

Consistent counseling makes the most of the fewest appointments. Non-recommended long gaps between appointments extend the time and number of sessions before getting the results you seek.

Click this link for our 1-page handout for tips on motivation and consistency to get the most out of your counseling sessions! Consistency and Motivation Counseling Client Handout

What counseling IS

To understand how to get the most out of counseling, you need to understand what counseling IS. Counseling is effective guidance to help you set and reach goals to live your best life.

The real change is what happens BETWEEN sessions. The time between sessions is crucial for you to apply what you’ve learned in counseling to your life, change your choices, behavior, and improve your relationships. If you don’t remain consistent with treatment, you’re not checking in with your counselor to get the expert guidance you need to continue your progress.

Recommended Treatment Plan

Sticking with your recommended treatment plan is essential for best results. In most cases, weekly sessions at the beginning of treatment and spacing out later appointments by no more than two weeks can help you maintain mindfulness and growth. Consistency also minimizes the risk of developing additional issues. Clients who space out appointments to save money often need more appointments overall to reach their goals.

A winning combination for faster results

Motivated clients and consistent appointments are a winning combination for positive, permanent change.

When a motivated client makes their treatment a priority, they make the most of their sessions and have fewer session and faster results. The client can save money and time by arriving at their goals as quickly as possible. Who doesn’t want to reach their goals as soon as possible?

Example of why consistency matters

Counseling isn’t the only type of treatment that requires consistency. Treatments for health issues are cured only when a patient follows their doctor’s recommendations—as referenced in this example:

If you’ve taken antibiotics, your doctor (hopefully) made a point to tell you to be consistent in taking your medication until you have completed the treatment. Many doctors report It’s common for patients to stop medication as soon as they start feeling better—but the strongest bad bacteria (the stuff you really want to get rid of) is hanging on, and comes back with a vengeance; this makes the patient sick all over again.

In reality, counseling works in a very similar way. It is common for a client (or couple) to come for a session or two, feel better, and stop counseling, only to return a few months later—realizing that they haven’t addressed or resolved the root of their issues.

Change (or rather, worrying about making a change) can seem painful, which is why it takes time—AND CONSISTENCY—to make the positive, permanent change needed. Worrying about making changes rather than the change itself often creates this pain—causing clients to put off appointments.

Delaying appointments only delays the time before you get the results you want. It also creates the time to develop unhelpful behavioral patterns, which can create problems. Like the example with antibiotics—you could end up wiping out only the easiest problems first. Still, without learning to develop healthy coping skills properly, you’re unable to tackle the remaining problems.

So, in short—motivation and consistency will get you faster results for the positive, permanent change you need!

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