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Irrational Idea 10: Life Without Perfection is a Disaster

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Irrational Idea# 10

“It’s a disaster if the perfect solution to all of my problems isn’t found.”

Perfectionism may seem to be a helpful behavior; we all want to be our best. But perfectionism limits us and makes us fearful of mistakes which could be valuable learning experiences.

  • There is no absolute truth or solution that works for all people—for all problems in the world at this time.
  • Perfectionism does not create solutions; it is a limiting behavior which narrows down all possible solutions in the effort to do things perfectly. Since nothing is perfect, it only prevents solutions from being found.
  • Since we cannot be certain of anything beyond ourselves, the quest for certainty raises false expectations and constant anxiety.

Rational idea: “We might not know the perfect way to fix everything, but we can work to find the best way.”

  • To err is human; be willing to try various plans and seeks new solutions, learning from mistakes.
  • Extreme plans are often unworkable and will likely not be accepted or adopted by others.
  • Accept the need to compromise and makes decisions on time without laboring over every detail in a controlling manner like a perfectionist.

For a happy and emotionally healthy life, contact CrossRoads for counseling at 317-842-8881 if you are in the Central Indiana area. This series was inspired by and sourced from “A Guide to Rational Living” by Albert Ellis and Robert Harper.