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Employers Now Requiring SAT scores

Employers’ latest ridiculous requirement: Your old SAT or ACT Score

Of all the odd things Employers are now requiring of applicants: SAT or ACT scores–from DECADES ago! Requiring SAT (or ACT) scores isn’t just for employees new to the workforce; applicants in their 40s and 50s are being asked for the score of a test which is intended only to predict a prospective student’s success in college. Unfortunately, neither the SAT nor ACT actually accomplish that one goal.

The requirement of asking for SAT (or ACT) scores for employee screening is rather new and is normally reserved for elite banking positions or senior management positions. However, like many other trends in employee screening, it will likely become more common.

Checking a prospective hire’s credit was once a new trend; reserved for financial institutions and other positions in which the employee would be working in a position that would make embezzlement easy. Now, the practice is used in about 60% of employee screening. Employers feel that credit checks are somewhat telling of a person’s character, though according to studies, there is no proven correlation between bad credit and bad behavior on the job.

So, just like credit checks and other indignities suffered by job applicants, SAT scores will likely be the next growing trend.

Preparing for the Job Search just got a little more difficult

Add a few more steps to prepare for your job search. Check your credit, dig up your old SAT and ACT scores, as well as practicing for your interview and updating your résumé.

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