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Do You Feel Like a Victim?

Unhappy With Your Life? It’s Time to Realize You’re in Charge.

There are circumstances in which a person truly is a victim. Despite our best efforts to draw boundaries, there are times in which those boundaries are crossed. But this quote is for those who have options, but don’t realize them, or decide not to take action. For those who are unhappy in their lives, feeling that the direction of their lives was beyond their control, this quote may help you see things in a new perspective:

“Usually adolescence is a time when kids feel that the world is doing it to them, whether it’s their parents doing it to them or their teachers doing it or their friends doing it to them, and that they are the victim of all of this. Somewhere in here, you have to learn that you’re not the victim, but instead you’re the one that’s doing it. That moment is sometimes a long slow realization or sometimes it’s turning on a light switch. All of a sudden you realize you are the person who has control of your life.”

—Jim  Henson, From Jim Henson’s book: “It’s not Easy Being Green and Other Things to Consider

Although it’s normal to go through life on “autopilot”, it’s certainly not healthy. It’s not unusual for a person to passively muddle through life instead of being mindful and proactive. Instead of letting your life feel like something that is “done to you”, you can make your life something that you “do”.

Instead of thinking of your life as being out of control, and feeling like you’re a victim in “the way things are”, the only route to true empowerment is by taking charge of your life. You’re the one living your life; you’re also the only one who can decide to love it or loathe it.

Making changes can be scary, and your end goal may require a great deal of work and patience. This is why the idea of setting goals, researching what is involved in reaching the goal, and planning the necessary steps to obtain that goal can seem to be a daunting task. The work involved and fear of failure is usually too frightening to many people. It’s like a turtle poking his head out of his shell, looking around—only to seek security in his shell again.

He prefers the security of known misery to the misery of unfamiliar insecurity.

Sheldon Kopp

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