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Volunteer work is a great way to build new job skills if you are in a Job Search/Career Search, or still in school. These guidelines can help you select a volunteer position that can help you get experience to impress a future employer.

Do you Smoke? Is your Job Search lasting longer than you thought it would? 4 main reasons why Smoking can make your Job Search (too) long.

You might not even be aware of the negative thoughts and behaviors that hinder your job search progress. Overcome them with help from this article. Click the TITLE of this article for more.

In a word, the Standard Job Search Process is outdated. How do your techniques compare to the standard process?

Just making the time required for an effective Job Search or Career Search can be challenging, especially when faced with constant interruptions. Click the TITLE of this article for tips to change your routine.

Determining your career path is the most important step in your Job Search or Career Search. To make sure you’re on the right track, you must know the demand for your position. Click the TITLE for important research questions for your Job Search or Career Search.

How did they get that great job with a bad resume? People who get great positions tend to have great resumes, but some don’t. How is this possible?

Learn how to use O*NET by clicking the TITLE of this article. This FREE resource shows the Tasks, Knowledge, Skills, Education, and Abilities necessary for a position as well as the Tasks, Wages and Industry Growth.

If you’re having trouble selecting a career path, click the TITLE of this article to learn how to use My Next Move. It can help you focus your Job Search or Career Search.

Don’t let fears of awkward conversations prevent you from socializing! When prepared, you can make the conversation work in your favor. Click the TITLE of this article for strategies to turn a potential conversation killer into a networking opportunity.