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Succeed at keeping your New Year’s Resolutions by avoiding common pitfalls.

Family gatherings can often include conflict and open old wounds. Here are some tips to avoid conflict and stress for a happy holiday.

Check out this quote for personal empowerment

This quick list can give you ideas on getting out of the “rut” of a bad mood

Information form the third session of Transformed by Grace by Dr. R. Benton Ruth at Madison Park Church on January 23, 2013

Notes and references from the first Transformed by Grace presentation in a series of workshops

The common elements and process of beginning and rationalizing an affair

Mid-life crises are known for driving a desire for youth and playfulness which lead to affairs, but it isn’t the only factor. Click the TITLE to read this article.

Understand the causes of pornography addiction and why it is so difficult to treat.

Not only is Perfectionism NOT helpful; it is actually very limiting. Click the TITLE of this article to find a more healthy coping method.